uPVC Doors – Are They Any Good?

As a locksmith in Winchester for the last 17 years I have amassed plenty of experience when it comes to fixing uPVC door repairs. This type of door is very popular in this area, particularly in more modern homes and new builds. There are many good reasons why people love UPVC doors. Listed below are some of the positives associated with a good quality uPVC door:

  • They are very durable and extremely low on maintenance. 
  • Keeping them clean is a cinch and don’t need to be painted or varnished - ever!! 
  • Very high levels of heat and noise insulation can be got from them
  • Installation and removal is a doddle - sort of!
  • Price wise, they are relatively inexpensive to purchase or to have installed.
  • They offer a great level of security – if you don't scrimp!

So thats the good news, time for some not so good news. Heres a list of common problems pertaining to our uPVC friends:

uPVC Doors - Lock Snapping

If your uPVC door is fitted with a standard euro cylinder lock (as most are) it could be at risk of being snapped out of the door. This technique is becoming ever more prevalent in and around the Winchester area. With this type of lock a burglar will waste only a few seconds accessing your property. The remedy for this is to swap out the current cylinder to an anti-snap euro lock.  Replacing the cylinder is a quick, clean and straightforward job for any experienced locksmith. At Locksmith Winchester we sell both budget anti-snap euros up to 3 Star TS007 anti-snap euro lock. This is currently the highest standard for a euro cylinder lock. Any of the cylinders we sell will always increase the security of your property. Additionally, none of these locks are not particularly expensive, making it well worth fitting them on any external uPVC doors.

uPVC Doors -Misaligned Door

 Another problem that I commonly encounter is when the uPVC door becomes misaligned. Some uPVC doors can be extremely heavy. Over time your door can/will slip or drop. The first clue that the door has dropped is when it starts to becomes difficult to lock or unlock. Technically this is not a difficult job for an experienced locksmith who specialises in uPVC door repairs. Heres a fact you probably didn't know - it is always a lot cheaper to call a locksmith to fix this type of problem, rather than the local double glazing company.

uPVC Doors - The Locking mechanism

Can’t unlock or lock your uPVC door?, worry not! The locking mechanism may be wearing or worn out. Usually this is just a small repair or a replacement of the MPL gearbox. At this stage a new door is not required but I do often get that question thrust at me on arrival. We at Locksmith Winchester carry a wide range of MPL gearboxes on board and can almost guarantee to have your gearbox onboard. However, sometimes on older uPVC doors, the new gearbox will have to be specially ordered. In this case, we will arrange a time to return and fit the new part. Be assured we will never walk away leaving you unsecure.


Despite the common problems associated with some uPVC doors, they are still a great option financially and security wise as long as:

  • Issues are dealt with sooner rather than later - 

That all said, should you have the need for help with any lock issues at your propertyLocksmith Winchester can help. I work in Winchester and the surrounding area and carry a wide range of affordable, high security (BS3621) insurance approved locks. Give Locksmith Winchester a call on 01962 690072, get in touch via the website or click the link below.

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Stay safe!!