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Covering Winchester, Haresock, Alresford, Stockbridge, Worth Down, Sparsholt, Littleton, Alresford, Twyford.

Locksmith Winchester are a local family run locksmith company, providing you with emergency and standard locksmithing services across Winchester, Haresock, Alresford, Stockbridge, Worth Down, Sparsholt, Littleton, Alresford, twyford and the surrounding areas.

We have built our reputation upon ensuring first class security solutions to our customers, who can always rely on a prompt and professional response.  We ensure our mobile vehicles are always fully stocked so you can be assured that your premises will have the best security available.


Locksmith Winchester

Emergency Locksmiths

We at Locksmith Winchester provide a 24 hour, 7 days a week emergency service with no call out fee. We always stick to our quotation which we hope gives our customers peace of mind and reassurance.  We make every effort to give the best quality of service to our customers at a competitive price.

Residential Locksmiths

At Locksmith Winchester we offer a wide range of services in the area of Residential Locksmithing.  We open up locked doors and repair broken keys in your premises.  You can depend on us to be there for your residential locksmithing needs.  Our technicians are available and on call at all times, all year round to assist with your needs.

Commercial Locksmiths

Whether your business operates from one location or in many markets, Locksmith Winchester can tailor a program to meet all your security needs.  Repairing an old lock or installing a high security system, no job is too big or too small for us.  Our highly-trained professionals have years of experience and carry in stock a variety of products from different manufacturers.

When you call Locksmith Winchester,  you are speaking directly to the Locksmith and not an expensive call centre somewhere.  These companies farm the job out to a local sub contractor.  If there are call backs, or warranty or workmanship issues these are laid on the sub contractor and they absolve themselves of any blame so how do you get it resolved? Don’t put yourself in this position and get a local locksmith directly.  For our customers peace of mind, our locksmiths have undergone CRB checks.

Tips on picking a locksmith:

STOP and think does anyone else have keys?

LOOK for 3 numbers to call to get an idea of cost – but be aware big companies put in multiple ads to make you think you are phoning a different company.  They often have bought local numbers again to fool you into thinking they are local.

LOOK again for an address.  It may not be local to you but the locksmith might actually be in your area when you call.

LISTEN who answers the phone?  Does it sound like a local guy?  If not its probably a call-centre somewhere.  Who do you think pays for that?  YOU, the customer do.

Winchester Locksmiths

Locksmith Winchester

Home security is a crucial part of everyday life and should never be overlooked.  There is a wealth of information out there that will provide you with advice and tips to make your property secure.  But there is no replacement for having a high quality locksmith to help you ensure you have the best security available.

We have been running a reliable locksmith service in the area area for more than 20 years. With the weight of experience behind us, we know exactly what customers are looking for in first-rate locksmiths: speed, knowledge and reliability. Contact Locksmith Winchester today for immediate service.

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The key to customer service is our mission

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Excellent customer feedback.  The reason?  We put customer service first because we know that we are nothing without our customers.  The assurance of a quality Locksmith Winchester van turning up just when you need it, combined with the friendly disposition of our staff and the speed at which they will work to fix your issue means that we are in the fortunate position of receiving many a new customer through word-of mouth alone.

Our excellent reputation precedes us.  Our team is proud of the service it provides to its customers.  We have secured many a home and business in Winchester so that people can rest easy in their beds knowing that they are safe to the highest standards.

Serving the whole area

Locksmith Winchester serves not only Winchester but outlying areas too, such as Haresock, Alresford, Stockbridge, Worth Down, Sparsholt, Littleton, Alresford, twyford etc. Customers in these areas and more have given 100% satisfaction feedback to us for the first-rate lock-changing, emergency locksmith, auto locksmith and other services.

Contact us

Call today on 01962 690072 or send us a quick message and we will gladly assess your property and provide all necessary security updates.  No job is too big or too small for us.  Many locksmith tasks can be completed within hours of your call to Locksmith Winchester.  Don’t leave your property vulnerable to intruders: call us now to secure your home or business against break-ins.

The voice of experience

Winchester Locksmiths

Locksmiths Winchester

Researching security solutions can be something of a minefield, with so many locks, alarms, safes and other systems on the market for both residential and industrial properties.

The specifications of each device will be explained to you by our team member so that you can make an informed decision.  We can sometimes give such advice over the phone but in order for all factors to be taken into account, it is best that we visit the property before making a suggestion.  We can arrange a mutually convenient time for a consultation.

Winchester Locksmith

Locksmith Winchester

Building lasting customer relationships

At Locksmith Winchester our aim is to build long lasting relationships with our customers and the community in which we operate.  We do this by giving each customer and each situation our full attention and full dedication, treating each situation and each issue as if it was our own.  That way we ensure those who come to us are always guaranteed the best in terms of customer service as well as being provided with the best and most suitable solution to them.

With Locksmith Winchester the customer is in charge of any decisions and choices.  So should you ever find yourself in need of locksmith, our number is all you need - 023 8007 0246.

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