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Top Summer Home Security Tips

Top Summer Home Security Tips

During these summer months, if we are lucky enough to enjoy some sunny weather, it can be all too easy to become a little complacent in regards to your home security. Opportunist burglars will look to take advantage of any lax security, for example, some of the most common cases of summer burglary involve an individual entering through an unlocked or insecure front door while residents are in their back garden.

In a large percentage of break-ins and burglaries that take place during the summer months, entry to a building is gained through insecure windows and doors, most often at the rear of the property. By following these summer home security tips, you can stand to prevent burglars from entering your property:

  • Make sure that all windows and doors are securely closed and locked when you are out of the house, even if you are only gone for a short time. Even small windows should be closed – Don’t believe them to be safe.
  • During the hot summer nights, if you want to leave windows open whilst you sleep to let fresh air into the house, you should fit window restrictors. Window restrictors prevent windows from being fully opened, ensuring that there is not a large enough gap to allow a burglar access.
  • Don’t leave your valuables on display in front of windows or easily in reach of open windows or doors. Don’t advertise to burglars. Likewise, don’t leave any keys near windows and doors where they could be hooked through an entry point such as a window, letterbox or even a cat-flap. You should keep keys hidden away.
  • If you are out in your back garden, make sure any windows and doors at the front of your house are securely locked. Someone could get into your home and take valuable items in just a few seconds without you noticing if a window or door was left open.
  • Gravel and shingle driveways can deter burglars as there is a risk that they would be heard, especially in the quiet of the night.
  • Outside security lighting and visible burglar alarms can help to deter burglars.
  • Make sure any internal handled locks on uPVC doors are properly locked and secured with a key. If the mechanism of a uPVC door seems to be failing or jamming, you can contact a locksmith.

For peace of mind of the security of your home during the summer months, or for more information on uPVC door and window repairs and upgrades, you can view the rest of the Locksmiths Winchester website.