Review For ACQ Locksmiths Ltd

I thoroughly enjoy carrying out work for decent people and this customer is no exception.  Job had nightmare written all over it between us we were able to make a bad day pretty palatable.  Couple with that a great review and Dougie’s a happy boy!


“Positive: Professionalism, Punctuality, Quality, Value


Doug (ACQ) was very personable, explaining what he was doing without unnecessary detail.  Undeterred by what would have completely floored me – had! – he solved the problem and passed on some useful information about other windows in the house.

And all for a reasonable price!”


ACQ Locksmiths are always ready to assist in any situation.  Call anytime, the worst I can do is give you a quote or some guidance.  Or check out my other websites.

Stay Safe!!

Guy Pringle, http://locksmith%20winchester