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Locked Out?

Locked Out?

There is no good time to get locked out of your office, car or home. It just happens at any time with anyone. When a locked out situation occurs, everyone gets panic. In such situation, you don’t need to get panic, just take a breath and call a professional locksmith. At the first time, you may feel hesitant to call a locksmith, because how long he will take to come to your rescue or how much he will charge you. But after a while, you realise that you don’t have any other choice instead calling a locksmith.

When it comes to the security of your home, you don’t want to take any risk with it. You have may heard about a number of locksmith misconceptions. When the first time you call a professional to solve the locked out problem, you may have several doubts in your mind. To hire the right person, you need to debunk all the misconceptions.

1. A locksmith is just for emergencies and key cutting

It is the foremost misconception. Many people have doubts regarding this myth. But in reality, a locksmith professional does more than key cutting. He helps you when you locked out of your house, office or car. Locksmith professionals provide a full range of services, both in the home and it your commercial premises.

2. They offer the same level of services

In reality, the level of services that you will get from a professional can vary wildly. Some professionals will be focused on just getting you inside the home and some of them will be able to work with newer locks.

3. All the locksmiths are certified and licensed

Currently locksmiths are in the UK are not required to certify and there is no licensing in place on this island. There is talk of forming a body so that the rogues can be identified and made public but that’s a long way off I suspect. In the meantime you should take it upon yourself to seek out a locksmith with a good reputation. There are institutes out there that locksmiths are encouraged to join, such as the ICL and the MLA, but they are not compulsory and can be quite pricey.

4. They do not use required tools

Some people think that technician doesn’t have the latest tools and they don’t have an extensive knowledge regarding techniques. A fully trained professional locksmith is able to serve you with high quality services. A professional will always use the latest tools to open the door or replace the lock.

5. Emergency locksmiths are prohibitively expensive

Wrong, very wrong! Although I must qualify that calling out an emergency locksmith from a national company in the dead of night will cost way way more than a routine call out during a weekday are not expensive. The charges of the services may also depend on the location from where you hire a service. Always always try to get a detailed quote over the phone before a locksmith arrives. It’s not always easy to explain you’re lock problem over the phone but the locksmith will ask the right questions.

Next time, when you in need of locksmith services, don’t keep these myths in your mind. By debunking these myths, you can find a professional company to help you when you are in an emergency. If you have any question regarding locksmith services, feel free to contact us at ACQ Locksmiths Ltd anytime.