Burglary – Letterbox Burglary

Burglary - Letterbox Burglary

It is super important to us all that the our front door is secured properly and safe because this the access point that your average burglar likely to use as his means of entry. If you didn't know how to ensure your'e safe, then where have you been? In my opinion, the best way to ensure your door is safe and fit for purpose is to call out Locksmith Winchester who will fit strong, suitable and reliable (if necessary British Standard) locks. However, are you aware of a potentially serious security problem – your letterbox!! Burglars are now targeting letterboxes as a means of accessing your property! Its called Letterbox Burglary, obviously!!

So! What is letterbox burglary?

Firstly, let me put you at ease about letterbox Burglary. This is a serious issue but it is not as prevalent as those selling you deterrents or magic dust to overcome Letterbox Burglary might imply. Now to the crux of the matter. Letterbox burglary is the phrase used when a burglar accesses your letterbox with intention to either break in steal from you. Techniques used vary from pushing their hand into the letterbox or trying to reach the lock on the inside with an intention to unlock the door. They have been known to utilise tools such as sticks, wires and rods to fish for stuff near the door. These methods may seem bog standard but they can be very effective ways of getting access to your property or stealing your car. This type of burglar doesn’t even require the skills necessary to pick or break a lock.

Ways to prevent letterbox burglary

  1. Are the keys to your property in plain sight. By this I mean do you have glazed panels in your door that a burglar could observe your hallway etc? Even when your door is unglazed I recommend you take a wee look through your letterbox (from the outside) to see what can be seen. Should you be able to see anything valuable then put them out of sight or store upstairs.
  2. Does your letterbox have a draught excluder? If not I would recommend having a new one installed, one which comes with a draught excluder. Over and above its draught excluding qualities it also blocks potential burglars from being able to see through the gap and into your hallway.
  3. Get a letterbox restrictor fitted. This is one of the easiest and simplest of preventative measures on thew market. Its very simple to install and is very effective. The letterbox restrictor prevents hands or tools being pushed or manipulated through your letterbox.
  4. Just remove your letterbox altogether. This may seem a tad extreme but hear me out. You can fit a stand alone letterbox on your gate. Perhaps this is not practical or a bit expensive but it will stop letterbox burglary for sure.


Using the tips above you will surely reduce to the point of nil the possibility of being burgled through the letterbox. Please try to keep on top of all areas of home security to ensure that you don’t suffer as a result of burglary.

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