At locksmith Winchester, everything is essentially focused on improving quality of life for those struggling with locks or security. Since leaving the military in 2007, I have been striving to assist people to live their lives independently, and without limitations, hopefully providing a little peace of mind. Whether carers need access, your children have forgotten their keys or to securely hold a spare door key; everybody has a use for a keysafe.

With the UK population steadily growing, and life expectancy increasing, The Locksmith Winchester helps to maintain and improve quality of life, while providing peace of mind. We currently use the¬†Police Preferred KeySafe™ - The Supra C500. What the creators say - "By combining industry-leading security and ease-of-use, we have created an extraordinary key safe. Numerous testimonials support the success of our products." What the customers say, ¬†eKomi, has collected way over 9000 appraisals so far. The average score for this product is 4.7/5. Not bad Id say!

The Other Keysafe

There are plenty of different designs when it comes to the keysafe. Some good, others not so hot but the rule of thumb I always go by is by the best you can afford. It's the security of your house we are talking about here and the massive inconvenience that goes with being stuck locked out on a wet and windy night! Just something to think about.

Stay safe