Door Handles And Door Knobs!

Door Knobs and Door Handles

There are several different types of door knobs and are often denoted by the positioning of their screws. The types of door knobs and handles are the exposed mounting screw door knob/handle and the hidden mounting screw door knob/handle.

Door knobs and handles that implement exposed screws tend to be found as parts of an older door lock. Issues with this type of loose door knob or loose door handle are relatively easy to resolve because you can see the way all the parts work together within the door mechanism.

Hidden mounting screw door knobs and door handles are of a much more modern design and they can be found on newer door hardware. These door knobs forego the use of an exposed mounting screw and opts to use a mounting faceplate that obscures the screws that are holding the lock firmly in place. It is for this reason that this style of door knob and door handle is slightly more complicated to fix than the one described above.

In a general sense, it is quite easy to remedy loose door knobs and loose handles. Some property owners will be able to tackle this on their own by employing some DIY skills, but I understand that not everyone is comfortable doing this, and that’s ok. If you know you do not have the skills to tackle this then do not overexert yourself.

Doing so might result in you damaging your lock. Instead, contact a local locksmith that offers residential locksmith services or commercial locksmith services. They will able to assist you and effectively help you handle your loose door knobs and loose door handles and any other matters you may need addressing!

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