Do You Have The Best Door Lock On Your Front Door?

Do You Have Best Door Lock For Your Front Door?

Your front door is the first and most important point of your home security. Locks being the key part of keeping them unwanted guests from entering your home. Heres a thing, in 2021/2022, 70% of burglaries in the UK start by the offender entering through the fromt door. Some were forced open and some even left unlocked! Please ensure that your door is always locked, we cant help you if you don't lock up. More facts - according to a recent report, In the UK a house is burgled, on average, every 106 seconds in the UK, that equating to over 816 a day – ridiculous! At this point, I'd like to point out it is vital you ensure that your front door lock is right for the type of door you have, to avoid any burglaries.

To assist you I have put together some information on the most popular door-locking systems on the market at present. For further information on any of the locking systems below or for your free home security survey, contact us (Locksmith Winchester) anytime.

So Which Door Lock Is Best For My Home?

There is a plethora of locks out there but not all of them will suit your door. There are so many locks to choose from that it can be overwhelming to choose, but the information Ive collated below should help guide you. Lets go baby!!

Multi-Point Locking System

Multi-point locking systems are the locking system you most commonly find on uPVC and composite doors, but it can be used with any entry door. This lock is very good, it effectively bolts the door to the frame from top to bottom, using multiple points of locking operating with just one key. These locks can sometimes be tricky, so ensure your door is well maintained and perfectly aligned. Otherwise it may well not function as expected.

Rim Lock

This type of lock will usually be found on older wooden and glass-paned doors. Colloquially known as Yale Locks or nightlatches, these locks sit on the surface of the door and will automatically lock when closed. Although this locking system is a popular one, it is recommended that you have an additional lock to ensure security. Similarly, you could have a deadbolt lock, which can only be unlocked using a key from the outside or turning of the thumb inside, this means that when you close the door the deadbolt lock will automatically catch meaning that even if the main lock is unlocked no one can enter your home.

Anti-Snap Locks

Anti-snap, or Snap-Safe locks do what they say on the tin, they help prevent thieves from snapping the locks on your doors. Many uPVC doors are fitted with multipoint locking systems and euro cylinders which can be easily snapped if not locked correctly. Unfortunately, a lot of people do not use their locks correctly and it is now estimated that around 30% of burglaries are committed by thieves snapping the locks. Locksmith Winchester can fitanti-snap locks and cylinders made by Ultion, these are police approved and tested. In fact, Ultion claim they will pay you £2000 should a burglary take place within 5 years from the date of installation if the thief achieved entry by snapping the lock (check Ultion website for full T&Cs). Now that cant be bad!!

5 Lever Mortice Deadlock

This deadlock is not appropriate for uPVC doors and can only really be found to be fitted with wooden doors. The mortice deadlock will lock from the inside and the outside and is fitted into the door rather than sitting on the surface, sometimes referred to as a Chubb Lock. This type of locking system on all your doors and windows can sometimes get you a discount on your home insurance. Some people often add an additional ‘night latch’ for extra security and convenience.

Smart Lock

Smart locks are the future. They are becoming more popular as technology improves. They are great in that you don’t need to carry a key around with you and can control it through your phone, tablet, or PC. When choosing a smart lock, it is best to make sure that it will fit alongside any other security technology you may have in your home. It is also helpful to look at what you will need to go with it, will it be using your home’s WIFI or need an extra hub alongside it somewhere in your home? An advantage to a smart lock is that you can let guests into your home remotely, please ensure you have them fitted by a trusted locksmith to ensure full home security.

The Right Locksmith

Having said all that, the most important part of picking your new door locks is having the right locksmith to advise and inbstall, one that is held to British Standards and won’t rip you off. Someone you can trust, why not get to know your local locksmith today to help you pick your new home security. Thats where Locksmith Winchester comes in, one of our expert locksmiths will be able to help suggest the best locking system for you, to fit all your home security needs.