So lockdown has ended and were getting back to normal, but look whats emerged from the dust - cowboy locksmiths. These 'so called' tradesmen will promise to rectify all your locksmithing woes in your hour of need. They promise quick fix jobs to save your day, then threaten to extort you out of your savings for the poor work they have lumbered you with.

If you find yourself locked out or in need of repairs, you're potential slightly concerned, worried and threatened. What you do not need to do to allay these fears or reduce your concern is to be lumbered with a cowboy locksmith. All said and done, you hire a locksmith to improve your personal and home security. This give reassurance that you and your loved ones are protected from the bad guys. Here's how I think you can avoid the cowboy locksmith and make live so much sweeter and less stressful.

Should You Trust The Paid Adverts?

If you find yourself stood at your front door locked out,the first move generally is to search online. Its the quickest, most straight forward way of searching for the right tradesman. Please take care if clicking on those sites that only appear on paid adverts. These can be easily identified because they are always first few adversts at the top and bottom of each search page and are clearly labelled ‘Ad’. Cross referencing when you search should easily allow you to navigate past the scammers and cowboys. There are good locksmiths out there and by careful searching you will find them and avoid the grief thats is associated with the 'Not So Hot' locksmiths.

Location, Location, Location!

Further to the above, its not uncommon for locksmiths to advertise as being in your local area, without actually being based there. This is a common practice to give the impression of being nearby when they are not (At Your Door In 30 Mins – Really?). A reputable local locksmith may well be advertising on the paid ads but it its generally seen as the domain of the National Locksmith Companies. They want to advertise there to reach their large target audience. If the locksmith is local, trusted and reputable he should be visible in the organic listing/searches or in the map pack/map listings. Have a good look at their website to see if they have a local address. Or maybe even a local shop. Your alarm bells should start ringing if there is no address on the contact page. Or if they are vague about contact information or a lack of a landline phone number you should be concerned. These are a potential rick!!

Check His Reviews – Always!

So you've found a locksmith online! Always check out their review page. But also check the ones they have supplied via other websites or third parties such as Google etc. This should give you a good indication of whether these locksmiths are of a trustworthy nature or not.

Beware Of Low Prices Or Quotes

This may sound terrible but the cheapest is generally not a good way to go with this. If it sounds too good to be true, it is good to be true! When you're locksmith of choice quotes you a ridiculously low price, or is being very vague about what work they will be carrying out, then please be wary of using them. At Locksmiths Winchester we endeavour to keep our prices low to make our services accessible to all. We are always prepared to explain everything we need to do. If in doubt, get in touch and we will be transparent, upfornt and honest.

If you have any concerns that you may have fallen victim to a cowboy locksmith you should report it to Action Fraud. Additionally report the person to Citizens Advice or the Trading Standards Authority if you think they have sold you overpriced goods or received poor or services.

Contact Locksmith Winchester

The best way to avoid a rogue locksmith, or any tradesman, make sure you keep the details of a trusted locksmith to hand. Locksmith Winchester operate across Winchester, Alresford and the surrounding areas.

Stay Safe!