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3 Locksmith Myths (Debunked)

If you've lost your keys, found yourself locked out or stuck with a broken lock, finding a good reliable locksmith speedily is essential for a happy ending. It’s in there emergency situations, unfortunately that rash decisions are made. This is because the need to get it sorted quickly and effectively overrides everything else. You may think that is not really a problem because all locksmiths are pretty much the same. This is definitely one myth that needs debunking. The resources and skills that a locksmith provides vary enormously. Prices, and timelines can vary widely with some locksmiths (generally the big nationals),charging up to 3 times the price that your local locksmith will charge! Always ask for sa price upfront.

The most common misinformation surrounding the Locksmith Industry today is based on these myths, which I will now explained below:

Picking A Lock Is Easy For A Locksmith

Yes, its fair to say that some locks, currently fitted to doors within the Winchester area are relatively easy to pick. Any decent locksmith will have no problem opening them. However, many other locks can be extremely difficult to pick and your average locksmith just may not have the right skills to pick you into your property. There are so many different locking mechanisms, devices and locks already out there. Couple with that, the lock manufacturers are regularly creating ever more secure locks for doors. Learning how to pick each and every type of lock has to be mastered and this takes many many hours of practicing.

Unfortunately, due to lack of regulation and compulsory legislation with in the Locksmith Industry, many rogue locksmiths do not want to put the time or the effort and will approach ALL jobs with a drill in their hands. In these situations a perfectly functioning lock could be drilled and replaced unnecessarily, costing you substantially more than the cost of a skilled locksmiths picking the lock. Additionally, damage may be caused to your door. Look out for locksmiths with non-destructive entry skills, they usually are well worth the time and effort.

Locksmith Charges Are Roughly The Same

Unfortunately, this couldn’t be further from the truth! Many of the larger national locksmiths charge several times that of a small local locksmith. Charging structures also vary widely with some locksmiths charging by the hour. This can be deliberately misleading because you will not know how much you are going to be charged for a job until completion. Any experienced locksmith can provide a fairly accurate quote over the phone. In addition, many locksmiths add unwarranted charges for ‘call out’ or for working in the evening and weekends.

All Locksmiths Guarantee Their Work

Will the locksmith fit good quality parts? Unfortunately, this is not always be the case. There are locksmiths (to save money) that may well fit very poor quality locks bought cheaply from places like e-bay. When locks like these fail, good luck trying to get the original locksmith to come back and replace them. A good locksmith will always fit branded (yale, Chubb, Union, Legge, Era etc) locks that comply with the required security standards. These locks will usually have the British Standard Kite Mark displayed on the packaging and on the lock itself. The locks will come with a one year guarantee although, they will be good for considerably longer.

Falling for these myths could cost you dearly. If you are looking for a locksmith in a hurry, make sure you ask about their charges including any ‘extras’ and always get more than one quote. Also check out their reviews on sites such as Google, Yell and Facebook.

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